Shoreline Improvement

Shore Wall Protection

Shore Wall Protection by Weatherall Dock & Dredge - Wiarton, ON

Groyne Reconstruction by Weatherall Dock & Dredge Inc.
Groyne Reconstruction by Weatherall Dock & Dredge

Beach Improvement and
Retaining Wall

Weatherall Dock & Dredge Inc. completed this beach improvement and retaining wall, sand and gravel was brought in to finish the project and make the beach area usable for the customer.
This is a cottage that needed a retaining wall and the customer wanted a sand beach. The cement was lowered down in the bucket to make the wall and sand was brought in later to create a beach area for the customer.

Wheel Loader, Track Excavator, Rubber Tire Excavator and Hydraulic Crane prepare breakwall.

This small private beach area was dredged and a new sheet pile wall was put in place.


Large Dock on Elliott Lake, ON