Retaining Walls / Sheet Piling

Track Excavator excavating material to construct new retaining wall. Concrete forms are waiting to be assembled.
Workers installing Sheet Piles with a vibration hammer.
Sheet Piling

This can be used as a retaining wall to hold back dirt in the case of a building or home being constructed next to a crumbling embankment. Sheet piling can also be used to hold back water, to make a docking area for boating or swimming or to reface an existing crumbling cement facade of an existing marina.
This photo was taken in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. The large ships have come in and damaged the sheet pile wall at the pier. Weatherall Dock and Dredge Inc. removed the old sheet piles and replaced them with new ones.
This is a sheet pile wall for a small marina in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. The area was dredged and a new retaining wall was placed around the perimeter of the water.
This shows a new sheet pile wall going over an old eroded cement wall at the Meaford Marina.
This picture shows a sheet pile wall being driven into the ground by a pile driver. The sheet piles
are tapped into the ground until resistance is reached and then they are tied back and backfilled.
This photo shows sheet piles being put in place at the Norwich Bridge project.