Oxtongue Lake Narrows Bridge Repairs, Dwight

Low resolution photo bookA new bridge being built at Oxtongue Lake at Dwight, Ontario, the entrance into Algonquin Park.

A temporary bridge is built first while the old bridge is taken down and then the new one put in place.

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Oxtongue Lake Narrows Bridge Repairs Photo Book
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A pile driver is operating in close proximity to the existing road guard rails and signage. Extra care is taken not to damage them.

The existing subsurface earth can contain "cobble" that affects the vertical alignment when driving in the new piles, attributing to the "crooked" appearance seen here. The physical properties of the piles, however, are not compromised if the spacing within the footing is still within the tolerances accepted by the Engineer.

A pattern is beginning to emerge for the new columns that will be holding up the new structure.

Work is being carried out from the barges as well as from the shore.