Installing Pile Foundation at the Hwy. 400 Crown Hill Overpass, Barrie


The Background: Major Project for the Hwy. 400 - Press release April 2013
By Miriam King, QMI Agency

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 6:10:37 EDT PM
The Bradford Times newspaper

The Province and the Government of Canada, are providing funding to "rehabilitate" over 26 km of the 400, including resurfacing, drainage repairs, and replacement of the Crown Hill overpass, north of Barrie.

The Action:

Weatherall Dock & Dredge, with all of its experience and expertise, was the chosen skilled contractor to supply and install the Pile Foundations for the new Crown Hill Overpass Foundations. With the right equipment and skilled manpower (women power too), along with a tight deadline, they began installing the new "H" Piles.

The attached video demonstrates the basic process of a pile being installed on the footing platform. Please take a moment to view the action! The video was assembled from clips taken on a smartphone by one of the onsite engineers, then digitally meshed together in the studio.

The video begins by showing the construction zone, footing footprint area, pile driving equipment and cranes, as well as the stockpiles of "H" piles. Next, a pile is placed at the required 'batter', or angle, to provide support for the new structure. The 'pile driver' begins the hydraulic hammering, driving the pile into the ground until a predetermined resistance is achieved.

The engineers and inspectors will check to verify that the resistance and geometry of the pile meets the specifications, which it does. The pile driver can now be removed and the excess steel cut off by a certified welder at the planned elevation within the new footing.

Both the General Contractor and the Owner are pleased with the Foundation Piles and overall performance of Weatherall Dock & Dredge once again! Great job guys (and girls)!
Photo Book - Phase 1
Crown Hill Overpass, Highway 400

Click either of the links below to view photos highlighting Phase 1 of the work being done on the Crown Hill Overpass, Highway 400, Barrie.

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The cold weather does not stop the machine work from proceeding.

A temporary retaining wall is constructed to support the existing roadway, allowing excavation and pile driving to take place within meters of the "live lines".