Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse Repairs, Collingwood

The Nottawasaga lighthouse has been listed on the National Trust for Canada's listings for the top 10 endangered places in Canada. The Nottawasaga Lighthouse was one of six Imperial Towers from an original plan to construct 11 structures along Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The limestone light stands 95 feet above the shore and guided ships into Collingwood Harbour. The system of lights played an important part in the establishment of safe navigation routes along the coastal waters of Lake Huron following the opening of the Bruce Peninsula. Weatherall Dock & Dredge is seen below using their tugboat to move heavy equipment from Collingwood Harbour to Nottawasaga Island to be used for working on repairs to the lighthouse originally constructed in 1858.
Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse Repairs, Collingwood
Team leaving Collingwood Harbour. Heavy Equipment is loaded on the barge, ready for the tugboat to move over to Nottawasaga Island.
Map to Nottawasaga Island
Weatherall moving equipment by tugboat & barge to Nottawasaga Island.
First trip for Weatherall Dock & Dredge to Nottawasaga Island from Collingwood Harbour.
Weatherall Tugboat & Barge
Weatherall's tugboat pushes their barge loaded with heavy equipment needed for Lighthouse repairs.
View from Weatherall's Tugboat Cabin
View from the tugboat cabin as they navigate the fully loaded barge to Nottawasaga Island.
Barge Landing, Nottawasaga Island, Collingwood
Barge Landing Site, Nottawasaga Island near Collingwood, Ontario. See the lighthouse in the distance.
Unloading the barge
Unloading the heavy equipment from the barge.
Closeup of the base of Nottawasaga Lighthouse
Base of the Nottawasaga Lighthouse, strapped and ready for the next phase.
Nottawasaga Lighthouse gets shrink wrapped
Nottawasaga Lighthouse gets wrapped for increased protection.
Nottawasaga Lighthouse
Newly Shrink Wrapped Nottawasaga Lighthouse near Collingwood, Ontario.

To learn more about the Nottawasaga Lighthouse visit
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